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Social Media Growth

Is Bigger really Better?

Instinctively some would say “YES!” but without context you might be making a huge mistake.  For instance if I was talking about problems… Is a BIGGER problem really BETTER?  I think not. So let’s talk Social Media numbers, DOES SIZE MATTER?

On the YES side, bigger numbers add a form of “social proof” to your legitimacy. It doesn’t truly represent your value but it is an indicator that people look at. If 10,000 people are following you on a platform it gives others a sense that you are “worth” following because it suggests that others are finding your content valuable. There are plenty of people with a lot of followers that have little value to add but that is for another post, today we are talking numbers and their relevance to building your business.

On the NO side, everyone has to start out somewhere. We all start out with 1. So if you have one follower you may be at the beginning of a journey to 1 million, your value hasn’t changed but the world may not have had a chance to experience it yet. Social Media Growth Tracking Guide

So what am I trying to get at? NUMBERS DO MATTER but remember “It isn’t the SIZE that COUNTS, it is what you do with it.” If you have 100 followers that engage with you and share your content out, that is worth more than 10,000 followers who don’t read or share.  Bigger looks better from the outside but engagement converts to profitability.  Engaged followers are 100% more likely to purchase than those who are just place holders on your followers list.

Connecting with your followers & engaging with them on social media platforms is valued currency. It is appreciated and respected and encourages people to like, share, tweet, retweet, etc. your content which gives you exposure and increases your numbers so YES, I say it again, SIZE MATTERS but the speed at which your lists grow is much less important than the fact that it IS growing. If your lists and followers aren’t growing it is a trigger for you to explore whether or not your content or delivery system is working for your audience. Tracking, gives you the opportunity to improve for those that are following and to create content and products that they are interested in.

Which brings me to my 12 Week Social Media Growth Challenge – every Friday I take a few minutes to track my social media numbers so I can stay current on if my lists and following are growing.  If you haven’t been tracking your growth, it is OK, you can start TODAY.  Just click the link for the challenge and you can download a handy chart to fill in your numbers and start paying attention today to what is happening in your business. (Use the Blank Spot for your email list) As a way to encourage you and keep you informed about some social media platforms and how they can assist you, I will be sending you 1 email a week for 12 weeks.  Reminding you to jot down your numbers, while sharing tips and tricks each week to help you get traction out of the most popular or progressive social media platforms so you can utilize a FREE way to build your business and your brand. I will even add in some Rock Stars for you to follow on each platform to help you get the most out of it!

So YES it is true SIZE MATTERS as a value indicator that you are consistently listening to and building your fan base. So join the challenge and let’s grow together!

Want to connect with some amazing entrepreneurs?  Join the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars and #RockThatDream

Email List Building

Happy New Year!  January 1st is the favored day for many entrepreneurs to make New Year’s Resolutions on how they will make this New Year, their best ever.  I am a big proponent of looking at the future and creating a plan with actionable, measurable steps toward achieving those goals.  One of those goals should be Email List Building and identifying how much you want your “List” to grow. They should also include weekly tracking to confirm that the growth you are reaching for is on target.

WHY build your email list?

Entrepreneurs tell me all the time… I don’t need a List, I have a huge following on all my Social Media platforms or my company keeps all that data I don’t need to worry. But in case no one has shared this with you before, I feel obligated to tell you that those aren’t your lists!  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope, BLAB, SnapChat, etc. all hold their own lists, you have access to them when you use that platform but if any of these companies decided to shut down or charge you a fee for using the list you would find yourself wishing you had been collecting the information from the people that are interested in your products or services all along.  That is why I always say…

Email List Building Quote by Vicki Fitch

“If you aren’t building your list, you are missing out on the Future of your Business!” – Vicki Fitch

The long term sustainable growth of your business depends on you having access to the people that have interest in what you sell or do. PERIOD. If you no longer had access to them you would have to start over from scratch and there are many, many people that have had to do just that because they lost control of a hacked social media account.  Just ask Chalene Johnson what happened to her!

So now that I have given you some clarity on what you need to do to build a successful business, it’s time to put it into practice and protect yourself and your future business by doing a LIST BUILDING CHALLENGE! 30 Day List Building Challenge with Vicki Fitch

I am a big fan of Nathalie Lussier’s Free 30 Day List Building Challenge and I would LOVE for you to do it with me and the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars!  Everything is more fun when you do it together as a community so join me and the Rock Stars as we stretch and grow this year and work on making sure the Future of our Business is SOLID by growing our List.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! – Vicki

Do You Need a Social Media Mentor?

In the dawning of this digital day, do you need a Social Media Mentor to keep you on track?  Do you know when to Tweet, Pin, Follow, Like, Post, Unfollow, Poke (please don’t!), Vine or Yelp!?  Do you know the difference between a page and a profile or a post and a thread?  Do you know which social media platforms are the right target market for you and your business?  YIKES!

If you got dizzy reading that paragraph you are among the masses and if you understood it (or at least parts of it) you are actually part of the minority.

Social Media doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated.  As a matter of fact it can be fun, informative and the biggest business builder available to you today!  Learning a few simple things will help you make the right choice of where to spend your time, how it will make the most impact and how you can convert that into making more money right now!

If you need clarity and direction as well as a new found confidence that will impress your friends, keep you out of “Facebook Jail” and turn your persistence into profits then you have come to the right place!

The most widely used social media platform currently is Facebook with over 1.5 BILLION active users per month!  No one can argue with that kind of traffic so we will start there and during my FREE SOCIAL MEDIA WEBINAR we will add in a free side of graphic design  to make you a Social Media Superstar!

FACEBOOK – Pages, Profiles & Groups… Oh my

If you know the difference between these, that is great but don’t make fun of the entrepreneur next to you who has no idea because hey… they have been busy building their business and are now ready for an easier way!

FACEBOOK PROFILE – a Personal Profile is your own Personal “Page”.  It is where you share your personal updates – not too personal!  There is a such thing as TMI (if you don’t know what that means PM (private message) me and I will send you a handy glossary to help you keep in touch with terms that may baffle you LOL J)

You have a choice when making posts for them to be:

  • PUBLIC – anyone who is following you can see
  • FRIENDS – which can be all of your friends or you can even narrow that more with a sub category you set up (i.e. Family, Close Friends, XYZ High School, etc.)

FACEBOOK PAGE – This can be used for a business or a public figure page so you can let an unlimited number of people “follow you” which means you can share information with the public without posting things about your private life that you want to leave for your Profile page.  You are only allowed 5,000 friends and this a way that you can continue letting people in on a limited scale and still have fun sharing your life with those you truly know.  I recently started a Vicki Fitch – Public Figure page to help me share the information that was the most helpful to them and would love for you to like it if you think Training on Social Media, Sales, Recruiting & anything entrepreneurial will be helpful!  Let’s stay connected!

FACEBOOK GROUP – This is a certain group of people with a particular interest or commonality.  For example I have an awesome Facebook group the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars that shares, networks and helps each other build their businesses!  We post information specific to entrepreneurs, social media and a myriad of topics that are designed to help each of the members connect with each other and enhance their current business.  If you are an entrepreneur that is interested in providing valuable content to the other Rock Stars, click the link and let us help you #rockthatdream (that is a hashtag that we will discuss on a later post!)

Here are some frequently asked Facebook Questions:

Q.  I just started my business, should I create a FB Profile or a Page?

A.  Start with a Personal Profile (you have to in order to create a Page) and YES create a Page! We will go into more about why in later posts.  If you don’t know how, I have a video series with step by step instructions that will be available soon!

Q.  I don’t have many likes on my Page, should I keep it or just go back to using my Profile?

A.  You need to keep using your Page and sign up for our free Social Media Superstars to keep you informed and on top of the best ways to build your business, make it more engaging so you can increase your traffic and create some raving fans that will buy your products and share with their friends! (We also need it for FB Ads and boosted posts – more fun stuff to #rockthatdream!)

Q.  Can I just use my Personal Profile for my business?

A.  No. Facebook rules prohibit that and you can end up in Facebook Jail with no access to your contacts at all. Sign up for our Social Media Superstars Newsletter and you will learn how to artfully blend your personal and business life in a way that is acceptable to Facebook and not offensive to your friends (we don’t want you being unfriended!)

If you are already a FB pro, this wasn’t news to you but I promise, someone you know is going to ask you a question about Profiles, Pages or Groups… so, do yourself a favor and send them here to read up on the basics and I will do the training for you while you try to fill up those 5,000 friends!

If you think you would benefit from a free 20 min call to help you become a Social Media Superstar, click this link and before you know it, #rockthatdream will be your new favorite hashtag!

Take a minute to comment below and let us know what you would like for future segments and what type of training you would find helpful!


Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! – Vicki