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Periscope Super Hearts Scandal

This is the scoop on the Periscope Super Hearts Scandal – What you NEED to know!

Periscope Super Hearts Logo on Vicki Fitch.com

Included below is a Live dual stream I did on both Facebook Live & Periscope sharing the new Super Hearts program in detail.  Now if you want a good laugh you should DEFINITELY watch the replay because honestly it was a FUN scope with lots of laughs a few trolls and a LOT of information delivered in my typical style. The bottom line is you need to KNOW the facts so you can make an informed decision.


A quick recap in case you don’t know what Super Hearts are. They are a new way to recognize your favorite broadcasters on a monetization platform. The thing you need to understand is WHO is really making the money.

I saw a bunch of broadcasters yesterday with titles like “Periscope is going to PAY YOU to broadcast” which just so we are clear, unless they have some other deal with Periscope directly is not actually the case. The truth is your friends, family & followers can purchase Super Hearts to share with you during your broadcasts which there is a chance that you could at some point, someday receive a portion of if you jump through 3 hoops, do a back flip off the high dive and land in the water with almost no splash.

Am I exaggerating?

Yes, but it isn’t as far off as you might think. Let me explain…

As mentioned before people can purchase Super Hearts and give them to you during your broadcast. Great! Those Super Hearts, convert to Stars (Why? No idea) which then MAY or MAY NOT be able to be converted to cash at some undisclosed time in the future. You think I am kidding but I am not. I actually read the entire Super Broadcaster Program Terms and read them aloud with hilarity in the scope above. I recommend you watch it while you can!

Let me break it down a little further. Your fans think they are buying Super Hearts to reward you for a great scope but the reality is that you have to accumulate 185,000 stars (which is equivalent to approximately $175 according to Tech Crunch’s article) in order to APPLY (just apply!) for the Super Broadcaster Program. Just so you know the disclaimer that is included in Section 2 states…

We may approve or deny any request to redeem Stars, in our sole discretion. We may also revoke any Broadcaster’s eligibility to redeem Stars for monetary value at any time, also in our sole discretion.

Periscope Super Broadcaster Program Results What happens when you apply now - Super Hearts

Here’s what happened when I applied…

I don’t have 185,000 Stars yet
no one does…


So when we break that down… once you get people to spend the $175 for your proverbial “application fee”, they may or may not approve your application to receive the money that your Super Fans wanted to bestow on you because they enjoy your content.


I know!

So here is my get to the heart of it recap…

This is a gamified cash infusion for Twitter/Periscope

That is it.

There are a few Periscope superstars that might be able to pull off making a little money here but it will likely, if they implement some of their “sole discretion” options be for few and far between.

Now that I’ve said that… get over it.

Yes. I actually said that and I meant it.

It is OK for Twitter/Periscope to do that. They are a business and one that has not exactly been raking in the dough as of late and needs to do something to increase their revenue stream. Businesses have to pivot and if this is the way they keep the platform stable then fine. I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t even have a problem with their terms… WHAT? No I don’t, because they are clearly spelled out. I didn’t need anyone else to interpret them. They basically said.

“Let’s play a game…
you give us money,
we will give you
some fun shiny objects
to share with your friends
and if they are really
rockin’ it on their scopes,
we might share and
give them a little piece of it.”


I can live with that. I don’t love that and wish it was different, but I LOVE the Periscope platform. It has been very good to me and helped me  meet some incredible people like Ted Rubin Rubin. It helped me engage new clients in 6 different countries and secure speaking engagements all over the world including New Zealand! Thanks Wanita Fourie! And the best part of all some amazing relationships! I am leaving tomorrow morning to speak at Social Media Day Denver with Joel Comm, Kim Garst, Erin Cell, Bryan Kramer, Courtney Smith Kramer, Mia Voss, Leslie Nance, Chocolate Johnny and more… I met these people because of live streaming and many of them directly through Periscope (then Blab – Long Live Blab) but the point is, you can make the best out of whatever is given to you and here we have an app that is still FREE!  You do not need to participate in the Super Hearts or the payment options. You can still join in for free and tap to your hearts content without spending a penny.

So don’t complain, be bitter or call it a scam… It isn’t.

It is a business that is pivoting to stay afloat and letting us have some fun while they do it.

For those of you who gave me Super Hearts today… I thank you. I think it is sweet and the gesture itself is truly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to visit my broadcast and support an app I love. I appreciate your efforts, your time and your initiative. Don’t feel foolish or let people tell you… “You are stupid for doing participating” or “You MUST participate”.  Ignore them. This is your life, it is your money. If you want to bless your friends, do it without expectation that someone will receive something from it.

Choose to see the positive in everything. Just go in with your eyes open. When you know the facts, you can make an informed decision and that is all I intended with this post. If you aren’t following me, please feel free to do so. You will never hear me saying we aren’t going to start until more people are here or that I won’t give you content until you do something. I promise I will welcome you with open arms (even the trolls!) because we are part of a family. A crazy mixed up, jumping through hoops and backflipping off the high dive kind of family. So jump on in… the water is fine. We will be here to catch you!

For my regular followers, no post would be complete with out this…

And until next time I want to remind you, like I always do…

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!  – Ciao


Are you ready to #RockThatList – 30 Day List Building Challenge – Nathalie Lussier

Are you READY to build your list?


I always find one of the best times to do something new or to make a change is on the 1st

The first of the year, the first of the month, the first day of the week, etc.  So guess what?  If you are reading this the day I posted it, today is that day! June 1, 2017.  If you are reading this any other time, it is still the first… The first day of the rest of your life so no more stalling (that’s right, I called you out on it!), let’s get busy and build your list!

You may already be familiar with Nathalie Lussier and her 30 Day List Building Challenge. We like to focus our list building efforts at least 2 times a year to keep our list fresh and inviting. New life comes to your list and your groups when you have new and excited people participating so let’s get busy TOGETHER and build your list so you can live the life of your dreams.

If you are saying to yourself… “I don’t have time” I have a few things to share

  1. If you are business, you don’t have time not to
  2. If you WANT to be in business or stay in business this is the fastest, easiest way to achieve that
  3. Today’s lesson only takes less than 5 minutes. (including clicking the buttons to sign up)

So do yourself a favor and take 5 to lead you to the life you have been dreaming of. The one you aren’t sure is possible… IT IS!  I PROMISE!

I also know as a serial entrepreneur that sometimes you feel alone or afraid to try something new. Don’t be afraid. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Join us, let us help you celebrate, build your list and build your business!  Today is the first day for you to… (you fill in the blank) so click the link and GET IN HERE! Let’s do this TOGETHER!

By the way… Do you like FREE GIFTS? I know I do. And I am a firm believer in incentives encouraging participation.  Nathalie knows that too and she is offering some prizes during her 30 day challenge, but if you are part of my Entrepreneurial Rock Star Group you get to double dip because I am giving away prizes too!  So do yourself a favor and click the big button above to join the challenge!  It will give you a chance to join the 30 Day Challenge, the Facebook Group and a couple other common options as well.  Click whatever you are interested in and meet me in the Facebook Group where I will offer you some daily tips & tricks to help build your business & #RockThatDream & #RockThatList


Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! – Vicki

Southwest Airlines Customer Service – Kudos or Caution?

Customer Service is a tricky little vixen. She can MAKE or BREAK your business and I have a story to telSouthwest Airlines Logo - Article by Vicki Fitchl about Southwest Airlines

Have you ever noticed when you are traveling through busy airports, etc. that the people you come in contact with tend to be grouchy, frustrated and intolerant?  Now I am not speaking for everyone mind you but I have noticed that TSA is rapidly taking over the post office as some of the most intolerant public service situations… ever…

I am a pretty happy-go-lucky girl and I love traveling, people watching and having fun no matter what I do but I had customer service experience today that I just had to share…

Excited about attending Tony Robbins Business Mastery event in Palm Beach Florida, I arrived early at LAX airport and went to the outside skycap service and spoke to “Lenny” (I didn’t realize I was going to be writing a blog post so I didn’t get permission to use his name so I will just leave it at Lenny) he was kind and helpful and gave me clear directions on where I needed to go. His personality and interaction was fairly muted with very limited adjustments of his voice or facial expressions but again he was courteous, which in itself is somewhat rare these days.  Normally you get the non Customer Service driven person that let’s you and everyone else know they are irritated that the last few people haven’t tipped them and they are copping an attitude because they think they “deserve” it… On occasion, they will express this thought out loud with a comment like, “These lazy people are too dumb to realize tips are expected!” It is amazing what happens to the tips of skycaps who smile, laugh and bring energy to others… I think I should go to the airlines and recommend I speak to their staff to improve customer service by helping them understand the value of EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE… but I digress.

TSA Pre Check logo - Article by Vicki Fitch

I get through to the TSA screening section and I have to say… these people were in RARE FORM. Their way of getting people through the line as quickly as possible was to drone on and on about how they shouldn’t have to ask if you are TSA Pre or not, that “A computer goes in a bin all by itself people… why do I have to keep saying this over and over?” Could it be because you are herding the cattle through at such a pace that those that are not frequent flyers are having a hard time understanding what is expected of them? Or perhaps it is a new group, finally in ear shot, that is coming in midway through your spiel. Those first time travelers coming to the airport with excitement, anticipation and even some anxiety about the unknown world of travel, airplanes, skycaps, tipping practices and TSA tirades, deserve a little dignity and respect don’t they? And what about the multiple languages in this monstrosity of an international airport… could we make their experience a little less stressful by kindly guiding them through the process?

Now I know you TSA peeps out there are yelling at me and maybe throwing things at your computer or across the room thinking… “You have no idea!!!! We tell them over and over and over again and they still don’t listen! It is frustrating and aggravating and annoying. These people need to LISTEN AND PAY ATTENTION!!” For the purpose of this post, I am not going to argue the point that these people are paying to travel and without them you wouldn’t have a job, or the fact that if you don’t want to deal with a group of people who might be uneasy about a situation and not paying as much attention as you would like, you might want to find a new job… because that would be taken out of context so I am just going to share with you a Customer Service experience I had with Sheri of Southwest Airlines.

As I boarded my flight for Baltimore… yes I ended up in Baltimore before going to Palm Beach from LAX… don’t ask. I paid to upgrade so I would have some legroom because I am 6 ft tall and somehow even though I had checked in 10 min after it was possible on line, I was number C 58 for boarding and I knew that meant a middle seat somewhere with limited flexibility and it was a long flight. I ended up in the front row sitting next to Joseph and his service dog Jim Beam (yes he has a brother named Jack Daniels… true story.) Jim Beam is a bomb sniffing police dog headed off to protect the world at President Trump’s inaugural address. There are so many stories in here, like Tom the attorney who was delightful and funny and my other seatmate that allowed Jim Beam to snuggle up on her feet, who were also headed to Baltimore for this epic event. Now you are wondering… OK, OK we know the cast now… what about Sheri.

Sheri was our flight attendant. Patient, kind, smiling continually. Not that plastic smile that says Southwest Airlines - Sheri Hightower - Article by Vicki Fitch“I have to do this so I don’t strangle a passenger”, but the one that says, “I truly want to make sure each and every person on this flight has an amazing time”. Sheri found the right middle seat mate for Jim Beam and offered up complimentary beverages and snacks with enthusiasm. Genuine enthusiasm.  I am betting that some of you reading this are going to relate to this when I say, there have been flight attendants that have served up beverages as a checklist on their to-do’s, handed out the snacks in the most sparing and less than congenial way ever. (I am not suggesting this has ever happened at Southwest Airlines, just somewhere in the stratosphere of travel in general) I bet some of you would even recognize the hesitancy to ask for another pretzel or peanut bag lest you have your hand slapped or were mocked with a facial expression worthy of frustrating a pesky little brother or sister when you were a child. Some of you may have silently gnawed on your own arm just so you wouldn’t have to face the scrutiny and judgement of the flight attendant who mocked you with their eyes suggesting you should have eaten before the flight. This isn’t the 90’s anymore where you were actually fed on cross country flights! Now I hope some of you are laughing because I think a good blog post should always carry some emotion with it.  Make me laugh, make me cry, make me throw something… but for goodness sake, make me feel anything, but you better entertain me!

Sheri Hightower - Southwest Airlines Customer Service Queen - Article by Vicki FitchBack to Sheri, the Customer Service Queen! She passed out snacks with a smile and an invitation in her dimples that said, “It’s OK to have a snack! How can I serve you?” What can I say, they were very communicative dimples! She served beverages with a smile and made eye contact.  Yes, eye contact with joy in her eyes and not a mocking wrinkle to be found. She made you feel special and like you mattered. If you are thinking to yourself. “Vicki, how can you compare serving complimentary beverages and snacks to the abuse the TSA takes dealing with person after person that isn’t listening and we have to repeat ourselves so many times it makes us crazy?” Great question…

The plane we were on was a newer plane and in the infinite wisdom of the design, the lavatory light to show when the bathroom was occupied or vacant is a little more subtle than the passengers could easily see. (Seriously A LOT more subtle – I’d change this back on the next round Southwest so Sheri can keep those dimples smiling!) So time after time when Sheri would make the announcement to please not come to the front lavatory until the occupied light was off, and yet passenger after passenger did exactly that. What did Sheri do? She gently reminded them there was no standing near the cockpit and they must stand back at row 6 to comply with the federal regulations. I realize while I’m writing that it sounds dry and cold but Sheri was anything but. Her eyes, her dimples and her voice all said, “I care about you and this is for your safety as much as the protection of the pilots.” (I told you those dimples speak volumes!)

When the same people would come up time and again she would still remind them with a smile and a dimple what she needed them to do. Honestly I was expecting at some point that she would roll her eyes, throw a little zinger (with a smile of course) that let those in close proximity know how hard she was working saying the same thing over and over and over again.  I watched. I looked. I couldn’t find sarcasm, frustration or irritation in any of her actions or conversations and let’s face it, you couldn’t get any closer to her than I was without violating FAA Regulations!! This woman was the genuine article.  She inspired me so much, I postponed the article on the closet organization – yes I know many of you were anticipating that but you will see it soon. This was noteworthy.  This was customer service without any expectations. Flight attendants don’t typically receive tips… at least not to my knowledge.  I have been traveling for many years and have not seen or participated in that practice. (If I start getting a bunch of hate mail I will know that has been an error on my part!) My point here is that unlike the skycap who wants to be tipped and would be wise to treat people extra special, this flight attendant had no external reason to show each and every person on that plane dignity and respect. She chose to do it because of who she is on the inside. She is a woman that is secure in who she is so she gives from her abundance of confidence that there is no need to resort to being frustrated with others in order to validate herself or her job. I have met many pleasant flight attendants but I was truly impressed with Sheri Hightower. Southwest Airlines you have found yourself a gem and I hope you are treating this woman half as well as she treats your guests.

I left the plane and found I had a 2 hour layover and was actually excited that I would have the opportunity to write this post while it was fresh in my mind. Just for the record I did ask Sheri’s permission to put her name in this post and she blessed me with allowing this photograph as well. So if you are lucky enough to be on a Southwest Airlines flight with Sheri Hightower, rest assured she and her dimples will treat you well from the moment you board, to the moment you exit.

If you happen to see her, tell her Vicki said “Hi” and that she inspired me to “Pay it Forward” and I secretly paid for “Jared’s” shake in the Silver Diner restaurant after he tried to help me fix the Wi-Fi connection on my computer as I wrote this.  Your dimples are still talking Sheri, because you have created a ripple effect of joy. I hope the ripple comes back to you by someone mentioning they saw this post and are excited to have been on a flight with “The Sheri Hightower”.  KUDOS to you Sheri, you made my day and I hope this makes yours!

Until next time….  Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! – Vicki

Dear John… “Bye” #EvictTheBully

Dear “John” : A Letter to Evict the Toxic People in Your Life…Dear John, Remove Toxic People #EvictTheBully - Vicki Fitch

Ever wonder how to get rid of the toxic people in your life? Ever wonder why they are toxic in the first place or how to #EvictTheBully ? Here is my #1 Strategy for healing your heart and moving forward in a positive way.  Feel free to use this as a template… you can fill in “John” or “Jane” and adjust the adjectives as necessary but the idea of the letter is still the same.  So grab a pen and paper or your computer screen and start writing your own Dear “John” letter… and let’s start the Eviction Process

Dear “John”

This is one of the hardest letters I’ve ever had to write but I finally have the courage, so here goes…

This relationship isn’t working for me. I thought it would or could in the past but you have repeatedly showed me that you either don’t want to or are incapable of supporting me. Your doubt in me and my abilities has started to make me doubt myself and that just can’t continue.

I have made a commitment to myself that I will no longer accept unacceptable behavior, and I have to tell you, in my opinion, ignoring me, dismissing me, laughing at me or talking about me to other people behind my back… is all UNACCEPTABLE. I realize I may have doubted my self-worth in the past but that is changing. I have DREAMS and I am VALUABLE, just the way I am!  Not the way you want me to be or you think I should be, but JUST THE WAY I AM!

Your judgmental eye rolls and condescending sneers are no longer something I want to see. I want people around me that appreciate me. That think I am Pretty, Smart, Witty, Exceptional, Lovely, Kind, Considerate and Loving because I am all of those things. I have been wasting my energy trying to get you to think so, and in the process, I started forgetting they were true because YOU didn’t validate them for me, but NO MORE!

I am starting to feel FREE just by writing this down and I am on a roll…. I realize now your lack of caring for me and my feelings, isn’t a reflection of me, it is a reflection of you… you are letting your selfishness and insecurities dictate your actions, so as much as I felt like a victim before I recognized these things, now I just feel sorry for you. It must be lonely where you live, constantly surveying your situation and comparing yourself to others. That is why you are micro managing me. You can’t stand to look at yourself and who you really are, so you spend your time targeting me.

I’m actually flattered by this reality. Ha! I don’t know why I’ve been afraid to stand up for myself in the past but I am ready to face my future with a clarity that is fresh and clear and I have to tell you… It doesn’t include you in your current state of toxicity. And before you tell me… “You’ve got it all wrong… I do care for you and your feelings.” I have to tell you, I don’t FEEL Valued which means you aren’t honoring the things that are important to me and that is no longer acceptable to me.

You bring sadness, discouragement and disappointment into mAccess Denied #EvictTheBully - Vicki Fitchy life so I have
chosen to revoke your All Access Pass.  You are now in the “Restricted Zone”.  To return from the “Restricted Zone” you would have to change your ways, find out what it means to be kind, supportive and even selfless sometimes. It will be a long journey but if you are committed to it, there is always HOPE!  Heck I’ve been hoping for some time now that you would wake up and realize what a special gift you have in someone like me.  Now I realize that is a bit pathetic. Why was I giving you my power? In all honesty, it was ME who allowed you to cloud my thinking about who I am. I chose to let you “IN” and now I choose to let you “OUT”. I choose Peace, Joy, Happiness, Self-Worth, Confidence, Love & Believing I AM ENOUGH!

So as mad at you as I was when I started writing this letter… now I simply feel gratitude!  Yes, Gratitude because without you treating me so poorly, I never would have had the courage to kick your toxic butt to the curb so I could develop into the even more amazing person that is waiting on the other side of this letter.

Thank you for FREEING me from what could have been a life sentence if I hadn’t been inspired by someone to remember that I am GOOD Enough, STRONG Enough, PRETTY Enough, SMART Enough, & KIND Enough to #RockThatDream… It’s My Dream, and I’m excited about My Journey!

So thanks again “John” you have changed the person I am today and who knows, maybe the reason you are the way you are is because you need to write Dear “John” or Dear “Jane” letters to the toxic people in your life.  I have to tell you… it is quite FREEING! 

So to recap, I am officially taking back my power, believing in myself, removing toxic people from my life, living my dreams and searching for people that make me feel valued. If you want to get to know the new me, you will have to apply for re-entry from the “Restricted Zone” The criteria is much more stringent now, but I AM WORTH IT! If you have come to that conclusion too, we might have something to talk about!

I Am Worth It! - #EvictTheBully - Vicki Fitch

Looking forward to being the BEST ME I CAN BE and I hope that for you too, but until then… “Bye!”

A little look inside my new book coming out soon Evict The Bully In Your Head – If you want to get notified about the release and some special invitation only things that are coming, click here for early access.  I want to help you #EvictTheBully and if you have stories of overcoming your bully I’d love to hear them and maybe choose you to be on my Podcast Vicki Fitch Live: Evict The Bully. Click here to tell me about your story.

Until next time remember to

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!You are ENOUGH!


When Your Knight in Shining Armor Shows Up in a Tinfoil Suit

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months or even years when you feelwhen-your-knight-in-shining-armor-shows-up-in-a-tinfoil-suit like you are constantly conquering new dragons? They come out of the woodwork to distract you, disturb you and derail your efforts. If it isn’t enough that they are all around you, others are counting on you to be the Knight that slays their dragon’s too.

Now normally, this is just part of your average day.  You get up in the morning not only ready to slay dragons but expecting to do so. You get up early, stay up late and take pride in the amount of dragon’s you conquer before breakfast!  You are unstoppable! Until the day when you aren’t…

For me as a high productivity person I jump out of bed in the morning knowing about the dragons I need to slay that are already on my calendar and fully prepared for the others that will try to surprise me via client emergencies, family urgencies and other unplanned contingencies but there are those days where life really gets to you and you need a Knight to show up and rescue you from reality.

First of all, it is hard for a Knight (or a Lady Knight) to admit their dragon slaying capacity is quickly being reached. You think everything is in control but then one day you get a chink in your armor. A dragon got past your defenses and slashed you with his tail. No big deal, you’ve handled injuries like this before and you will keep on keeping on. You don’t realize that the wound isn’t healing properly. You were too busy to clean it out, apply ointment and bandage it properly and the wound starts to fester.

a-dragon-red-by-dream-poeticaIt is still manageable though and you continue slaying dragons until the next day, another one slips through and burns you with their fiery breath. Ouch! That smarts, but people are counting on you and you say to yourself, Hey… I’m a Knight, I’ve been through worse and I’ve got this. You are still feeling fine because typically you are invincible and this isn’t going to slow you down so you keep on slaying dragons and saving the world from mishap… until one day you can’t.

You don’t know how it happened. You weren’t paying attention to the festering wound that wasn’t healing properly. It was causing you pain, distracting you in other battles and causing additional chinks in your armor. It made you vulnerable to attacks you weren’t prepared for. Your attempts to clean the infection and repair the armor were constantly interrupted and it allowed other vulnerabilities to form without you seeing them. The burns started to chafe and were rubbed raw, exposing more of you to the enemies lurking about. You hardly noticed the bumps, bruises and beatings you were receiving and you struggled to recover without enough dragon slaying down time. Your body got tired, weary and exhausted. Open wounds take priority in the body. It focuses its time, energy and calories trying to get rid of the infection so there is less repairing going on elsewhere.  Then one day, while you are out slaying your daily dragons, it happens…

Your resistance is low, your pain is high and a small and unassuming dragon creeps past your normal perimeter. defeated-knight-by-unknown-originatorYour defenses are down and you are at the mercy of this dragon. Your arms are too tired to lift your sword, your spirit is hollow and you know you need help, but is crying out for help is a sign of weakness?

Weakness or not you cry out to the fellow Knights whose dragons you’ve been slaying your whole life to protect them and think… surely they will come and defend me from this dragon but you find they are too busy, too far away or have no interest in assisting you because they are focused on protecting themselves and their families from any future attacks.

Could it be that those who promised to be there for you in your time of need, have disappeared, changed their minds or are too busy slaying their own dragons that they can’t spare the time to help you? Do people really make promises they don’t keep? Will people that love you for your strength, abandon you at the first sign of weakness? How could this be? Why doesn’t everyone have the same values, commitment and depth of character you do? This realization has you reeling in despair that you are alone fighting this battle and the emptiness of your unanswered battle cry surrounds you with the deafening ring of silence. Where are the other Knights? Where are the swords and the swarms of soldiers you have trained and defended in the past? Is the Calvary coming?

Then in the distance you hear a small cry, another Knight is coming to the rescue, so you dig deep and stand strong with a new surge of strength knowing if you just hang on a few minutes longer, you can rest and let someone else take up the battle. You muster up the courage to let down the Wall of Vulnerability long enough to let your fellow Knight inside, all the while recognizing they have the power to “make or break” you at that moment.  By letting them in your Fortress of Solitude, you are relinquishing the power and it is scary, overwhelming even, to let someone “in” when your defenses are completely down. But you are weak and your strength is fading and you let this strong, fresh Knight draped in sturdy, impenetrable armor come in to defend youknight_small-420x_03_04_13_06_47_41

(and for us Lady Knights who can romanticize anything, we picture him standing in front of us wrapping one arm around us behind him while he slays the fire breathing dragon with the other hand and we are just free to let go and accept the courage and valor of this Knight and of course we will fall madly in love with this handsome stranger and live Happily Ever After…)

but back to our fictitious reality for a moment as we take a deep breath, ready to lay down our sword antinfoil-suit-croppedd shield and yield to the strength of another… we see not a Knight in shining armor but a person, wrapped in aluminum foil walking toward us.


Aluminum Foil?

This isn’t a Knight who has practiced in battle and has slayed dragons. This is just an average person, imitating a Knight. Wrapped in aluminum foil no less… what in the world? How is this going to help? I can’t put my trust in this average person… I am doomed. I either need to pull myself together and fight this dragon myself or accept defeat.

The leader inside you says… tell them to go away. They don’t have the strength or stamina for this battle and you don’t want them getting hurt.

The vulnerability in you says… it’s been a good fight and there is no shame in going out with a very impressive dragon slaying record.

 The Knight inside you says… thank them for showing up, encourage them in the journey, stay strong beside them as long as you can and let them do what they were brave enough to show up to do.

But what you don’t realize is as you allow them inside the Wall of Vulnerability in your Fortress of Solitude, they feel pride that they are showing up and the armor of tinfoil starts to look more like chainmail.slaying-dragon

As you thank them for being there for you in your time of need, their shoulders straighten up and their fear starts to subside and you notice that their armor now looks like Iron.

As you encourage them they look taller and stronger and they are now draped in steel.

Your belief in them grows and their sword is bravely drawn and they are now guarding you with every ounce of courage, pride and dedication they have available to them.

As you remind them “You can do it!”, the Knight swells with pride, confidence and determination that is so unstoppable that the dragon that was about to destroy you pledges loyalty to the Knight who stands ready to protect you with their life.

Now, the moral of this story is that in your time of need… many people, most people, won’t show up for you. (NOTE: That will not stop them from reaching out to you the next time they need your help, but that is a story for another day) The ones that do show up for you may come in packages you aren’t prepared for but the right words, encouragement and motivation can provide a suit of armor where before, some poorly wrapped tinfoil was present.

Words to the wise:

  • Be careful who you let inside the Wall of Vulnerability – everyone is not trustworthy
  • Remember to take care of your wounds as they occur, don’t let them fester and infect your body and your mind with negativity
  • Be a leader and train people to stand beside you, not behind you, so they are prepared to go to battle themselves when the time comes
  • It’s OK to feel weak sometimes but never, never, never give up – there is always hope.
  • Don’t judge a Knight by their armor… your words have the power to transform… use them wisely

If you are looking for a Knight to help you learn to slay your proverbial dragons as well as turn tinfoil into triumph I’d be honored to offer you a free consultation. If you need some daily motivation, join my Entrepreneurial Rock Stars FB Group & please follow me on Twitter & Facebook for my daily motivational quotes and graphics and for a Daily Dose of Live Inspiration be sure to follow me on Periscope & FB Live where I typically broadcast 2x day. Remember the title of this blogpost… you may be seeing it as one of my new books in 2017!  So let’s stay connected so you can #RockThatDream

How I Earned $50K in 5 Months with Live Streaming

This interview with Doug Gfeller covers exactly how I earned $50K in 5 Months with Live Streaming by continuing to challenge innovation in the live streaming world. We talk about my original podcasts He Said, Red Said “A little bit of business and a whole lotta fun” and Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective which are the FIRST FULLY PRODUCED podcast/interview shows on FACEBOOK LIVE - and much, much more.

Read more

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Stressed Out, Overwhelmed or Anxious?

A chaotic schedule can lead to Stress, Anxiety & even Depression. A simple solution to your overwhelm is CLONING YOURSELF but since that isn’t readily available how does a Step by Step Organization & Execution System to alleviate your Time Management issues by getting MORE done in less time sound?  Well you are in luck, by popular demand from clients, friends and family on how I get so many things done, the Rock Star Guide to Gettin’ It Done was created and it will change your life, but first let’s help you understand how you got here and how we will move your forward so you can #RockThatDream

If our parents TAUGHT us how to be organized and efficient with our time we have a much better chance of retaining it but let’s face it, growing up was all about surviving for most people, it wasn’t about being efficient. So relax and forgive yourself for the disaster you feel like you are in right now. It is TEMPORARY and there is a solution.

Your brain is a very complex machine that is processing data at a rate faster than you can truly comprehend. When you try to retain everything you need to do strictly in your brain it is like overloading the RAM on your computer… it starts to skip, freeze and corrupt the data and eventually it just stops working for a while or shuts off entirely – encouraging you to jump in bed and pull the covers over your head until the madness stops. The problem is, without productivity, the mess gets bigger and more tangled so we get more Stressed out, Overwhelmed, Anxious and even Depressed.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this.  There is a better way…

When we have systems in place we can retrieve the data we need when it is convenient without overloading the system. Think of these systems as Filing Cabinets & File Folders. It is easy to pull out the folder we need from the cabinet we need and then put them back when we are done before pulling out the next one.  Let’s be direct here… if I looked at your office right now would I see Organization and Serenity or would I see files, folders, papers and mail stacked up with some miscellaneous debris floating around? That’s how your brain is feeling. A lack of internal structure on how to handle the day to day activities causes overwhelm and even stresses out the adrenal glands because you are constantly in Fight of Flight mode… check out this internal dialog

“Oh no… the tags are expiring, did I get the car registered? I don’t think I did, I think I need a smog first… Oh my, where did I put the registration form? I need to go to the smog station but when? Johnny forgot his lunch again, I have to get to the school and I think I have a client meeting at 10am but it could be 9, I know I jotted it down when she rescheduled but what did I do with that… and WHERE ARE MY KEYS???”

The anxiety continues to rise through the dialog causing your adrenaline to run through your body as you get stressed out thinking about all the things you haven’t accomplished and thinking about the late fees, fines, tickets, etc. that might come as a result of you not having an organized system to handle the mail, the bills, the errands, etc. that happen every day, week, month, year, etc. Relief is in site…

With a few adjustments in the way you plan your schedule, your inner dialog could go more like this

“Oh, the registration notification is here and the car needs a smog, I will add that to Wednesdays errand list and I will write next weeks blog post while I am waiting which will leave me plenty of time to have lunch with Carla before I pick the kids up from school.”

I realize your scenario may be completely different but you probably get the point. Having a plan in advance where you group task activities will allow you less stress and more freedom to get things done while making time for the extra things you enjoy. Life doesn’t have to be so stressful. If you have learned to thrive on the chaos, you may not realize there is a better, healthier, less stressful way to get things done, which brings me to the solution I told you about.

The Rock Star Guide to Gettin’ It Done is a Step by Step Organization & Execution System that allows you to get MORE done in less time and it is completely customized to YOUR LIFE. With some simple methods including Group Tasking & Layering you will be more productive than you ever thought possible.  The system was created out of necessity and perfected over time. As a Serial Entrepreneur, an Author, Speaker, International Business Consultant and Direct Sales Expert that has built and sold 4 companies and am currently the CFO of a Non Profit, I understand being BUSY and I don’t like feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious and I bet deep inside, you would prefer an alternative too.

I encourage you to take a chance on making your life better for yourself and your family. Whether you are a mother, father, sister, brother, friend or child, you want to live your life in a way that is full and enriching so do yourself a favor and try a new, organized way of Gettin’ It Done. Don’t worry, every minute of everyday isn’t scheduled, it isn’t like that… it is like the Big Rock theory. Where you start out with the Big Rocks in the jar and go through the Small Rocks, the Pebbles, Sand & Water to make sure the most important things are getting done first and when we group task and layer we end up getting MORE done in less time so we are calmer and free to add in the fun things in life.

I know utilizing this system has made me incredibly productive and as we approach the end of the first half of this year, this is the perfect time for you to make a change and commit to being a Rock Star! Wouldn’t you like the rest of this year to be happy, healthy and even more productive?  Me too! So don’t wait another minute! Step into your Inner Rock Star and let’s #RockThatDream!

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What is Periscope & Why Should I Live Stream

What is Periscope and will it work for me?

In late April 2015, Twitter scooped up a little company called Periscope and changed the world and Live Streaming efforts everywhere. So what is Periscope and why should you hop on board? I’ve got an answer for you…

Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to instantly broadcast your message worldwide. As a business person or someone eager to get your message out to a large audience, you can probably understand why having instant worldwide access would be valuable. So let’s talk… why now? Is it too late to join the live streaming party? No, this is the perfect time to get involved!

Twitter has over 1 Billion Users (yes that is Billion with a B). There are approximately 25 million users on Periscope and only about 1% of those people have actually been on air and only about half of those Live Stream with any consistency. Breaking that down further to those that are actually offering consumable content vs watching fluffy sleep or someone who’s ‘scoping an unsuspecting friend who’s had too much to drink, the number of people that are broadcasting in a productive way is less than .25%.  That puts you at a HUGE advantage. WHY? Because as more and more users become familiar with Periscope, there will be more people wanting to consume content and a huge need for value to be found.

Look at this Twitterverse pyramid.  As the rest of the pyramid fills in, your status will rise if you are broadcasting and you will be at the top of the pyramid which is what we call an Influencer.

Twitterverse & Periscope Pyramid 2 by Vicki FitchTwitterverse & Periscope Pyramid 1 by Vicki Fitch

How do people recognize value on Periscope? There are several factors that will be taken into consideration one of which is your “Heart count”.  “Hearts” are the social currency of Periscope. When viewers find your content valuable they will tap the screen which produces a visible heart for each tap, that floats up the screen and shows the broadcaster that you are finding value in the message that is being shared.  In addition the viewers will SHARE the content out to show they like what is being presented. At the time of this article there are 3 ways to share: 1) to your Periscope Viewers (people will follow you to get notification of your content)   2) Twitter – with the live streaming option in the Twitter feed this can produce more followers on both platforms instantly  3) on Facebook – the integration posts a link to allow others to connect to the platform.  Encourage your viewers to share to all three platforms if they are finding value in the message.

I understand you may be afraid to hit the broadcast button for various reasons so let’s talk about those too.

 “But no one will want to watch me!”

Although in the beginning, we all start with 1 Follower and 1 Heart, that can quickly change. If  you want suggestions to get in front of influencers that can help you with the transition, let’s talk. You will likely grow proportionate to your abilities and that works out well. You will get better and more and more people will follow. It takes time to grow a following but it is well worth it and if you haven’t signed up for my Free 12 Week Social Media Growth Challenge, do it now. It comes with a guide to track your progress and weekly tips on different social media platforms to help you get the most out of the time you invest in social media.

“People will make fun of me.”

#HatersGonnaHate, we can’t do anything about it but with the right hashtags like #Entrepreneur #BizChat, #Motivation, etc. few trolls come to the party but if they do, you will have a legion of supporters encouraging you to go on and have a #BlockParty where you block them and they can’t come back. It is really a simple process. Still nervous?  Join my Facebook Group, the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars. I periodically have a #PeriHop where all new #PeriPeeps have a safe environment to practice the platform with encouraging people and influencers cheering you on.  You are not alone!!

You might be asking about other Live Streaming apps like Facebook Live, Meerkat, MeeVee and other players that are popping up on the scene and wondering if they are going to make Periscope irrelevant? My answer is “No Way” but I will save that info for another post. 🙂

Want to check out some live broadcasts? I typically ‘scope 2 x day around 8:30am & 6pm Pacific time most everyday. You can download the Periscope app on your smartphone and follow me @Vicki_Fitch or if you don’t have access to a smartphone you can watch online at www.vickifitch.com/periscope You will also find my #PeriCrush of the week list there and you can follow those fantastic people! If you have questions about your business or learning to monetize live streaming, let’s do a free 20 Minute Consultation and I will help you #RockThatDream

Until next time, remember to

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!Vicki

Social Media Growth

Is Bigger really Better?

Instinctively some would say “YES!” but without context you might be making a huge mistake.  For instance if I was talking about problems… Is a BIGGER problem really BETTER?  I think not. So let’s talk Social Media numbers, DOES SIZE MATTER?

On the YES side, bigger numbers add a form of “social proof” to your legitimacy. It doesn’t truly represent your value but it is an indicator that people look at. If 10,000 people are following you on a platform it gives others a sense that you are “worth” following because it suggests that others are finding your content valuable. There are plenty of people with a lot of followers that have little value to add but that is for another post, today we are talking numbers and their relevance to building your business.

On the NO side, everyone has to start out somewhere. We all start out with 1. So if you have one follower you may be at the beginning of a journey to 1 million, your value hasn’t changed but the world may not have had a chance to experience it yet. Social Media Growth Tracking Guide

So what am I trying to get at? NUMBERS DO MATTER but remember “It isn’t the SIZE that COUNTS, it is what you do with it.” If you have 100 followers that engage with you and share your content out, that is worth more than 10,000 followers who don’t read or share.  Bigger looks better from the outside but engagement converts to profitability.  Engaged followers are 100% more likely to purchase than those who are just place holders on your followers list.

Connecting with your followers & engaging with them on social media platforms is valued currency. It is appreciated and respected and encourages people to like, share, tweet, retweet, etc. your content which gives you exposure and increases your numbers so YES, I say it again, SIZE MATTERS but the speed at which your lists grow is much less important than the fact that it IS growing. If your lists and followers aren’t growing it is a trigger for you to explore whether or not your content or delivery system is working for your audience. Tracking, gives you the opportunity to improve for those that are following and to create content and products that they are interested in.

Which brings me to my 12 Week Social Media Growth Challenge – every Friday I take a few minutes to track my social media numbers so I can stay current on if my lists and following are growing.  If you haven’t been tracking your growth, it is OK, you can start TODAY.  Just click the link for the challenge and you can download a handy chart to fill in your numbers and start paying attention today to what is happening in your business. (Use the Blank Spot for your email list) As a way to encourage you and keep you informed about some social media platforms and how they can assist you, I will be sending you 1 email a week for 12 weeks.  Reminding you to jot down your numbers, while sharing tips and tricks each week to help you get traction out of the most popular or progressive social media platforms so you can utilize a FREE way to build your business and your brand. I will even add in some Rock Stars for you to follow on each platform to help you get the most out of it!

So YES it is true SIZE MATTERS as a value indicator that you are consistently listening to and building your fan base. So join the challenge and let’s grow together!

Want to connect with some amazing entrepreneurs?  Join the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars and #RockThatDream

Email List Building

Happy New Year!  January 1st is the favored day for many entrepreneurs to make New Year’s Resolutions on how they will make this New Year, their best ever.  I am a big proponent of looking at the future and creating a plan with actionable, measurable steps toward achieving those goals.  One of those goals should be Email List Building and identifying how much you want your “List” to grow. They should also include weekly tracking to confirm that the growth you are reaching for is on target.

WHY build your email list?

Entrepreneurs tell me all the time… I don’t need a List, I have a huge following on all my Social Media platforms or my company keeps all that data I don’t need to worry. But in case no one has shared this with you before, I feel obligated to tell you that those aren’t your lists!  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope, BLAB, SnapChat, etc. all hold their own lists, you have access to them when you use that platform but if any of these companies decided to shut down or charge you a fee for using the list you would find yourself wishing you had been collecting the information from the people that are interested in your products or services all along.  That is why I always say…

Email List Building Quote by Vicki Fitch

“If you aren’t building your list, you are missing out on the Future of your Business!” – Vicki Fitch

The long term sustainable growth of your business depends on you having access to the people that have interest in what you sell or do. PERIOD. If you no longer had access to them you would have to start over from scratch and there are many, many people that have had to do just that because they lost control of a hacked social media account.  Just ask Chalene Johnson what happened to her!

So now that I have given you some clarity on what you need to do to build a successful business, it’s time to put it into practice and protect yourself and your future business by doing a LIST BUILDING CHALLENGE! 30 Day List Building Challenge with Vicki Fitch

I am a big fan of Nathalie Lussier’s Free 30 Day List Building Challenge and I would LOVE for you to do it with me and the Entrepreneurial Rock Stars!  Everything is more fun when you do it together as a community so join me and the Rock Stars as we stretch and grow this year and work on making sure the Future of our Business is SOLID by growing our List.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! – Vicki